21 Habits Of Women Who Are Confident

We all have examples of some women who we admire in our lives. Whether they are our mom, best friend or can be any women whom we follow on social media. They radiate happiness, their energy enticing, people notice when they enter the room.

Confident women have that aura which naturally affects their surroundings in a good positive way.

But have you wondered what is it that makes then so confident about themselves. What they do on their day to day lives that makes them so confident?

Confidence is a behaviour that can be learned, so you can try to apply these habits of confident women in your lives.

We all are perfect in our own way, but there is always a room for self improvement.

Believe in yourself and that will make you feel more confident.

If you want be confident, here are some habits that confident women live by.

21) She is Unapologetically Herself

Women who are confident are well aware of who they are, why they aspire and how to achieve that. They don’t back out from being themselves, being weird and doing things that they want. That is because they are unapologetically themselves and are not concerned about what others might think of them. They trust themselves to attract positive people and are not bothered about the rest. They are no afraid in showing emotions or asking for help when in need.

20) She Lifts Other Women Up

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.” Life others without any expectations, this is the habit that every confident women follows. They try to help others without considering them as their competitions. They know that we have all been on both sides so they don’t try to put others down instead lift them up.

19) She Sees Problems and Failures as Opportunities to Learn

Everyone has obstacles in their lives and not everything goes as we plan. But the main point is how we choose to deal with our problems. Confident women take all the problems as opportunities to do something better, learn from their mistakes and understand that problems are a part of life. This is the mindset which helps you focus on solutions instead of problems. “If you choose to focus on problems, you’ll find them, if you choose to see the solutions, you’ll see them.

18) She Listens more than She Speaks

“The loudest person in the room is the one that is the most insecure”. this not just a saying but also a fact. Confident women not always want to be heard, then understand when to speak and when to listen. Give others a chance to speak, learn from others.

17) She Protects her Energy

Confident people know their priorities and understand what is important for them. They choose to stick with only those individuals, sports or things which they think will help them and choose to ignore those which they can drain them. Let go of people filled with drama and those who don’t align with your goals.

16) She Doesn’t Take Things Personally

“Opinions of others are a reflection of their beliefs and feelings, not yours.” Today, everyone has something to say about everyone and everything. But, confident people don’t let others to control their emotions. Whether it may be your boss or friend confident people don’t take others thoughts personally.

15) She’s Productive, not Busy

There is a difference between being productive, being busy and working for long hours. Confident people understand their priorities and manage to take some out from their busy schedule to practice self care, Getting their minds right and some me time. They know how to say no to things which they think can drain their energy. They believe in the motion of help yourself first before helping others. It’s true you can’t be your best self if you don’t take tome for yourselves.

14) She Gets out of Her Comfort Zone

Growth begins at the end of comfort zone. We may be afraid of many things, but to bring out a change it is important to let go of your fears and come out of your comfort zone. Learning to walk, talk, going to school, making friends all these things were difficult to do but we did it by coming out of our comfort zone.

13) She Practices Positive Self-Talk

What we say to our self, what we think about us is what shapes our action and the way we show the world. Start your by telling yourself what you like about yourself and some positive thoughts what you want to do. There are many ways to do it, stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Confidence can’t be learnt overnight, it takes practice watch out what you think about yourself and about others. This habit will help you in looking at yourself in a much more positive light and make you feel confident with what you are.

12) They don’t over-apologize

There is a time and place for everything, People have the habit of apologising every now and then. Just try to count how many time a day do you say sorry. Apologising is not wring but it should not be the first thing that comes to your mind. Stop apologising when it’s not your fault. You should apologise say sorry only when you screwed up or you know that it was your fault.

11) They know when to say no

People thing it’s a cool thing to say yes for each and everything, a way to please others. But this where it goes wrong, you don’t have to please everyone, confident women know what they value and prioritise in doing things which they feel fits their lifestyle and schedule. Learn to say no things which don’t add value to your life.

10) They don’t need praise all the time

Praises are good, we all feel special when someone praises for the things we do. But Confident people know when they done something great, they don’t need others praises. Many times it happens we do something, but we don’t receive the appraisal from our boss or colleagues, but try not to take these things personally. You don’t need others validation to recognise your success or to make you feel good.

9) They aren’t afraid to try and fail

People tend to avoid taking risks in the fear of failure. Failure is bas, but without failure there is no success. It is how you deal with it. Confident people are not afraid of taking risks and take failure as an opportunity to do better.

8) They aren’t afraid of being alone

Confident women are don’t dependent on others for their success or happiness. They are dependent on their friends or family to make them happy. They believe in doing things themselves and being solely responsible for their success or happiness.

7) They hold themselves accountable

Confident people hold themselves accountable for dealing with things and staying focused while working. Many people tend to realise one second that “oops I did not go to gym today” but the next second they think it’s not a big deal, they go to gym from tomorrow. But confident women tend hold themselves accountable for such things and take out time for themselves.

6) They go after what they want

Successful and confident women are comfortable in taking initiatives, setting goals, slashing them and even go out to celebrate their victories. They don’t need others opinion and believe in what they want.

5) They take action

Action speaks better than words. Confident and successful women don’t just plan they also work on executing them. They are nit afraid in taking action whether it is taking decisions or starting a new project.

4) They invest in learning

“When you’re a well-learned confident woman, nothing can stand in your way!” The best investment you can ever make is by investing in education. Confident women embrace knowledge, learn new things which helps them in standing ahead of peers and in society.

3) They embrace their purpose

Confident women know that every person has some imperfections. They identify their strengths and work on them more to succeed in both personal and professional lives. They don’t dwell on weakness but rather take them as a learning opportunity.

2) Elevate Appearance

“How you look and present yourself can also do wonders for your confidence. ” Dressing alone doesn’t mean confidence but still confident women enjoy dressing to scream confidence. The way we dress is considered to be the another form of communication. Dressing up well can give others the impression of confidence. So no matter how you feel, try on dressing well elevate your appearance to look much more confident.

1) Communicate Effectively

Confident women have the ability to connect with others, communicate with them. Confident women believe in this motion in every aspect. They are comfortable in starting a discussion, know about different things and can comfortable cope with social situations. Facial expressions, tone, pace, dress code and posture can do wonders in confidence. Confident and successful women try to adopt to these changes.

Confident women are confident as they follow these 21 habits on a day to day basis. But more than anything, trust your inner intuition and learn to interact communicate with others.

You can be confident by sticking to your values, believing in yourself, what you want and not be concerned about what others things. Be confident with your own skin.

Confident Begins on the Inside

Start with how you feel about youself, how you talk to yourself nad how you interact with others. Confidence cannot be learnt overnight. Try to follow and practice these habits in your day to day lives.

These are some habits which confident women follow but to start you go only with those habits that make you feel good and more confident in yourself.

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